A little over a week ago the airwaves were filled with reports of a vulnerability in Internet Explorer.  The reports went as far (based on advice from DHS's USCERT office) as saying to discontinue use of the browser until a fix was found.    In case you missed it, the fix was rolled out the middle of this past week.   Not all systems are set to update automatically when patches are released and mine, even though it *is* set for automatic updates, let the fix sit waiting for my action for a couple of days.

I appear to be about like 80% of the world now as one that does not use Internet Explorer for personal use.  It is still a good idea to keep the security fixes applied to it because once in a while something will cause it to launch on my system at home even though Chrome is my browser of choice.

Take a moment to check "Windows Update" and see if you have patches to apply.  If you do, please do that.

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